Tea Party Rule: Almost One-Third Of Texas House Signs Up With Dan Patrick

Last night Keith Olbermann said Texas had "a Tea Party legislature The Nuge could be proud of."

Today State Senator Dan Patrick proved him right.

Patrick announced his Tea Party Caucus today, and it contains fully 47 members of the 150-seat House, and almost half the 101 Republicans.

The Senate, it seems, wasn't so eager -- only newcomer Brian Birdwell of Granbury signed on.

Patrick "invited all the senators, and only one took him up on it," Patrick spokesman Logan Spence told Hair Balls. "I guess you'd have to ask those individual senators why."

The reps, on the other hand, were eager.

"Texans crave more input into the legislative decisions that impact their lives," said Rep. Lois Kolkhorst. "That's why the Tea Party Caucus is an idea whose time has come. It will hopefully serve as a constant guardian for all out liberties."

"The Tea Party movement is the most important political movement of our lifetime," Patrick said. (Take that, Martin Luther King!) "The voice of this group must be heard like never before inside the walls of the Capitol."

Rep. Beverly Woolley, who represents west Houston, is a co-chair of the caucus, meaning two of the three leadership positions are from Houston.


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