Teacher Gives Student A Lesson In Whoop-Ass

KRIV's Ned Hibbard got his hands on the teacher-fight video of the year, a brawl in a Houston charter school.

Officials at Jamie's House Charter School say the teacher has been fired, now that they've seen the video.

Then again, the video was shot last month by students in the class -- some of whom can be heard laughing during the incident -- so you wonder what took so long.

The teacher, Sherri Davis, definitely gets style points for her dramatic stalking style as she corners her prey.

But then things fall apart, and she just ends up kicking and grabbing while the kid hangs on. Not too stylish.

"I was on the wall like this trying to get away from her and she started hitting me, banging my head to the wall and kicking me," the kid told Hibbard.

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