Teachers Are (Allegedly) Sexing It Up At Spring High School

Here's a letter no high school principal wants to write: "Hey parents! One of our teachers was getting it on with a student. Oh and, hey, you know, while I've got your attention and everything, one of our other teachers is being investigated for the same thing. Go Lions!!!"

That's not quite the wording that Spring High principal Donna Ullrich used, but we guess you have to be a little more nuanced in getting bad news out.

Ullrich informed parentsin "an URGENT letter" that Spring science teacher Deanna Higgins (pictured, via KHOU; let the inappropriate comments begin!) had been charged with having sex with "improper relationship between an educator and a student, and one for sexual assault of a child. Both charges are second-degree felonies."

The gender of the student was not specified, but we're guessing it's either male or female.

Ullrich wasn't done with her news, though:

You may have heard rumors that another Spring High School teacher has been placed on administrative leave. It is true that a second teacher is on administrative leave while an investigation into a separate issue is in progress. I am not able to share details about this investigation until it has been completed.

The world awaits.

Ullrich told parents that several systems are in place for students to report improper contact. "In addition," she wrote, "we are in the process of implementing the anonymous, online communication system for students called Talk About It.'"

Oh, we're pretty sure students are talking about it today in the halls of Spring High.

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