Ted Cruz Comfortingly, Predictably, Tries to Ban Middle Eastern Refugees Again

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and Minnesota over the weekend Sen. Ted Cruz called for a ban on allowing refugees from "hotbeds of terrorism" in the Middle East to come to the United States.

There's just one tiny problem with this stance: Neither of the men who are accused of carrying out the respective attacks, according to federal reports, are actually from the Middle East.

Dahir Adan, the guy who police say conducted Saturday's stabbing attack in St. Cloud, Minnesota was a Somalian born in Kenya who arrived in the United States about 15 years ago. Ahmad Rahami, the man who is suspected of carrying out the bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey also didn't fit Cruz's bill. He was born in Afghanistan and then became a naturalized United States citizen. 

On one hand, this is an exasperating misstatement on Cruz's part, but on the other it's nice to know that in the essential ways, Cruz is a politician we can count on. Now that he's truly done with his Republican presidential nomination dream of 2016, Cruz is focused on getting back into public favor, and he's using his tried and true methods of playing to the cheap seats to do it.

Yep, Cruz was misinformed at best — and deliberately deceitful to the public, at worst — but the pesky facts didn't stop him. His full statement mentioned 9/11, police officers fighting bravely and, of course, the need to keep all of those controversial refugee-types out of the United States. 

“Congress should act to prevent Americans who have traveled abroad for training from returning here, and to stop the flow of refugees from hotbeds of terrorism in the Middle East that President Obama is determined to bring to our country," Cruz stated on Monday. "We can’t overcome our enemies by pretending they don’t exist, and undermining our first line of defenders. Only together, clear-eyed and determined, can we defeat this foe.”

It's clear that in this world where change is one of the only constants, we can also count on Cruz. If encouraging narrow-minded anti-immigrant views is the way back into the hearts of his people (the ones Donald Trump swiped on his way to winning the Republican presidential nomination race) then Cruz will get in there and blame Middle Eastern refugees for those terrorist attacks until he's blue in the face.

At the very least Cruz has given us proof that Trump isn't the only one who can spout off inaccurate and uninformed views on things. Grand, isn't it?

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