Ted Cruz Diagnoses Washington's Problem (and It's Totally Not Him)

Sen. Ted Cruz hit a new low -- or high, depending on your perspective -- when he tried to block the bill to increase the debt ceiling last week. Never one to miss an opportunity for more publicity, Cruz popped up on CNN on Wednesday night to discuss why (in the Gospel According to Cruz) he has become the politician Republicans in Congress might actually hate more than President Obama. The reason? They -- aforementioned Republicans -- are what's wrong with Washington, and he is one politician who can lead the country back to salvation. Or something.

As far as we can tell, his plan for "saving" his party involved forcing another and possibly more unpopular government shutdown or forcing some Republicans to vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. The kind of thing that won't go over well in their home districts come re-election time.

In the interview, CNN's Dana Bash got right to the point. "I did not think it was possible to hear your colleagues, your Republican colleagues, angrier at you than they were after the government shutdown, but I actually think you've topped it," Bash said while Cruz kept a benign smile on his face.

"Well you know its interesting. I think last week is a perfect illustration of everything that's wrong with Washington," Cruz said, accusing his Republicans of being disingenuous because they were going to allow the debt ceiling to be raised without having to actually vote in favor of it.

You see folks, Cruz wasn't torpedoing members of his own party by staging a (much less impressive and Dr. Seuss-less) filibuster to force some Republicans to vote for increasing the debt ceiling to keep the entire country from shutting down. Again.

Oh no, that whole deal was an illustration of how the Republicans in question obviously weren't Republican enough, according to Cruz.

"What's more important to you, being in the majority or party purity?" Bash asked.

"Dana, I want to win and turn this country around and the way we lose is not standing for anything," he replied.

The interview is an entertaining three minutes. Bash's line of questioning was all a fancy TV way of asking Cruz if he was trying to destroy his own party (not exactly), and in a roundabout way asked if he was human (the answer is still unclear.) At this point, he could easily be some kind of machine sent from the future to relentlessly destroy the party of Abraham Lincoln, and we wouldn't be that surprised. But at least he's entertaining about it.

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