Ted Cruz Is The Sorest Loser

Ted Cruz was dealt the absolute-final-no-for-real-this-time blow to his presidential campaign yesterday, losing the Indiana primary to Donald Trump. Of course, Cruz was way behind in the delegate race to begin with, and an Indiana victory probably would have only prolonged his embarrassing defeat to Donald Trump. Still, Cruz painted the Hoosier state as a sort of last-stand battleground. Indiana, Cruz seemed to believe, was do-or-die.

As primary day approached, it became increasingly clear that Cruz' presidential aspirations were going to die in that sad, flat midwestern state. 

Cruz is many things—Canadian immigrant, soup aficionado, possible Zodiac killer. Now, it appears as though he is also a very, very sore loser. On Monday morning, Cruz, perhaps having finally reached the realization that he was not going to win, let loose on Trump, calling him a "pathological liar," "utterly amoral" and "a serial philanderer." Shortly before polls opened in Indiana, Cruz told us what he "really thinks" of Trump. According to the Texas Tribune, Ted talked these words:

"He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies — practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everybody else of lying."


"The man cannot tell the truth, but he combines with it being a narcissist, a narcissist at a level I don't think this country has ever seen. Donald Trump is such a narcissist that Barack Obama looks at him and goes, 'Dude, what's your problem?'"


"Morality does not exist for him."


"Donald Trump is a serial philanderer, and he boasts about it. This is not a secret. He's proud of being a serial philanderer. I want everyone to think about your teenage kids. The president of the United States talks about how great it is to commit adultery, how proud he is, describes his battles with venereal disease as his own personal Vietnam."


"[Trump is] perpetuating the greatest fraud in the modern history of politics."

It's actually a little surprising it took Cruz this long to flip out. Consider the Cruz perspective: since your campaign began, you've been beaten up mercilessly by a rich guy from New York who has absolutely no sense of how to realistically run a country, and you've been subjected to an endless procession of haters lining up to take softball-bat swings at your objectively, scientifically disturbing face. Also, Trump called his wife ugly and, just yesterday, insinuated that Cruz' father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. For the cherry on top was a protester yesterday telling Cruz, to his face, that he looked like a "fish monster." 

The all-out attack on Trump didn't help Cruz much at the polls. He was drubbed in Indiana, and announced he was suspending his campaign later that night. The sourest point of all for Cruz? He may end up having to vote for Trump in November. 

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