Ted Cruz: Politician, Populist, Lover of The Princess Bride

Even after it seems that everything about the man has been said, Sen. Ted Cruz finds a way to restart the conversation.

This time it's thanks to a cuddly-soft interview with the Des Moines Register.

There Houston's own, the slightly Canadian Cruz let the veil fall a bit and showed his true colors, or at least answered the softest of softbal questions the paper tossed him with some really fun replies.

In case you ever wondered, Cruz hates avocados, dreams of being starting point guard for the Houston Rockets. Also, he loves movies. Really loves them, including the one that you have to love unless you're just a friggin' robot with no human parts whatsoever.

Yes, Hair Balls is talking about The Princess Bride.

It fits when you think about it. Maybe this explains his stance on the Affordable Care Act (people don't need Obamacare when there's a guy played by Billy Crystal who can bring them back to life with a chocolate-coated pill.) Also, Hair Balls really hopes this is how Cruz approaches his many, many detractors in the days, weeks, months and years to come (mainly, because it would be funny):

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