Ted Cruz Taps Carly Fiorina As Running Mate

Ted Cruz announced today that he has chosen Carly Fiorina as his running mate. He is the first candidate so far in the 2016 presidential race to add someone to the ticket, and the move comes as little surprise, considering reports have circulated since early this week that Cruz' campaign was heavily vetting Fiorina for the position. 

Fiorina, a former CEO at Hewlett-Packard, ended her own presidential campaign in February before endorsing Cruz a month later. According to Politico, Fiorina appeared before a Cruz rally in Miami to endorse her former rival in March. 

"It's time to unite behind Ted Cruz,” Fiorina said at the rally. "We knew Ted Cruz is a leader and a reformer. He is willing to take on the status quo in Washington D.C., [and he] is proud to be known by the enemies he’s made in the D.C. cartel.”

But Cruz needs all the friends he can get at this point in his campaign. Cruz is dragging far behind GOP forerunner Donald Trump. According to statistics blog FiveThirtyEight, Trump has won 956 delegates to Cruz' 546, and Cruz was drubbed yesterday along the East Coast, where five states voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Whether adding Fiorina to the campaign will make much of a difference for Cruz is unclear.  

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative blogger for the Washington Post, says Fiorina could help Cruz in the important primary in California, where Fiorina "ran for Senate and worked as a chief executive." According to Rubin, Fiorina makes sense as Cruz' preferred veep for a number of additional reasons:

She is ferocious in attacking both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Moreover, as a former chair for the American Conservative Union and a former fundraising chair for the RNC’s “Victory Initiative” in 2008, she would be a capable hand in corralling delegates — without carrying the baggage of a lifetime political insider. She and Cruz seemed to get along well on the trail, appearing together at numerous events and making the case against “business as usual.”

But critics of the pick say Fiorina probably won't help Cruz out very much. 

Meanwhile, Trump doesn't seem too worried about Fiorina re-entering the presidential mix as Cruz' running mate, claiming Fiorina "didn't resonate" with voters during her campaign and would be a "bad choice" for Cruz.

"He has got no path to victory and he's naming a VP candidate," Trump told FOX & Friends earlier. "I guess that's cute."

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