Ted Cruz, The Miley Cyrus Of Politics, Reads "Green Eggs and Ham"

Sen. Ted Cruz, the freshman senator from Texas with possible 2016 ambitions and a knack for pissing off fellow members of the Republican party he represents, has been everywhere lately.

A few weeks ago there was the Canadian citizenship thing. Then he was tromping on the toes of his fellow Texan politicians by popping up in their districts telling people defunding the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was easy as pie. Then he went a step further this week by staging a talkathon speaking for an impressive 21 hours about defunding Obamacare.

And yes, he read a version of "Green Eggs and Ham" while he was up there.

The end result of all his shenanigans is that right now you can't go on the interwebs or open a newspaper or magazine without encountering some take on Cruz.

He's in the October issue of GQ. He's all over Politico, Slate, the New York Times and pretty much every other bit of media you can think of.

The GQ story argues that Cruz may come off as wackadoodle but he may be wackadoodle like a fox. Even his faux-filibuster was legislatively pointless but politically clever. Obviously Cruz was taking notes when State Sen Wendy Davis shot to fame opposing abortion legislation in the Texas Senate, and then, as if all that talking and standing on the Senate floor wasn't guaranteed to get him attention, he threw in Dr. Seuss. It seems he was also paying attention to the already-infamous foam finger dance that drilled Miley Cyrus into the public consciousness a few weeks back -- neither Cruz or Cyrus are getting glowing media coverage, but they sure are getting covered. Though hopefully Cruz won't take it a step too far and get a giant foam finger. Fingers crossed he just sticks to Dr. Seuss.

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