Teenage Werewolves: A City's Shame

The above clip is not from The Onion; it may be from the files of Teens Pulling Pranks On Reporters.

At any rate, you owe it to yourself to watch these marvelous four minutes from a San Antonio news station.

And then read the comments that the clip brought forth from Gawker, after the jump.

-- Werewolves have traditionally congregated in suburban malls

-- "Gangs only want attention . . . whereas WE staple raccoon parts to our jeans so people will leave us ALONE."

-- "After we finish howling let's go to Cinnabon."

-- Holy cannoli, they're setting themselves up for a cringe down memory lane in ten years.

-- I think we're discovered the missing link between goth and plushies

We, for one, think these awful New Yorkers are being far too hard on San Antonio teens. But not hard enough on San Antonio news stations.

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