Tejano Star Claims Someone's Using His Name To Buy...Tires?

Joe Hernandez, better known as the star of the legendary Tejano band Little Joe y la Familia, spent half a day in jail near Tyler last week on charges of writing a bad $1,500 check.

His agent, the Temple Daily Telegram says, is blaming identity theft. Someone in Dallas has been using Hernandez's bank account and Social Security information to purchase stuff from a tire store in Oklahoma.

Dream big, ID thief.

Hernandez might have a case, since the owner of the tire store says she regularly made personal deliveries to Hernandez's address and liked his father.

"His (Little Joe's) father has been dead for 20 years," said Ivan Hernandez, Little Joe's son and manager for the three-time Grammy Award winner, the paper reported.

His son released a statement that said "Joe D. Hernandez and La Familia Enterprises are strongly denying any involvement in regards to fraudulent activity at any time or any location."

At least 64 checks were falsely issued against his account, they said.

If we were more familiar with his work, we would end here with a relevant lyric from one of his most beloved songs. We are, alas, heathens when it comes to Tejano.

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