Tekerrious Jackson, 6, Bayou Body Count No. 171

A little boy who apparently wouldn't go to bed fast enough for his father is dead, and two people are in custody, Houston police say.

Alex McGowan Duncan, 35, and his girlfriend Tammyra Sampson, 31, were arrested Sunday morning in connection with the death of Tkerrious, also known as TK, who was beaten to death over the course of several hours.

The boy had recently been reunited with his father, who lived in the 4900 block of Polk. Duncan put the boy to bed about 7 p.m. Saturday, but the boy, like most kids, didn't want to cooperate with the early bedtime.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

Authorities say that over the next eight hours, Tekerrious, also known as TK, was forced to remain on his knees with his arms out in front of him. Every time he lowered his arms, he would get what Duncan reportedly described to investigators as "chest boxing," a flurry of punches to the chest as well as all over his body, according to police.

When Tekerrious went into what was believed to be a seizure, an ambulance was called. He was taken to Texas Children's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival, authorities said.

KTRK spoke with the child's mother, who said she was shocked. "I was trying to be good and trying to let him be involved with his father, but look at what how my son suffered," Lucy Adams said. "And look what I'm having to deal with."

Police say the boy's body was severely traumatized.

Duncan has been charged with murder, and Sampson with injury to a child by omission.

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