Ten Charmingly Strange Old Postcards from Galveston, Beaumont and Baytown

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Last month we shared with you ten charmingly strange old postcards from Houston. Now it's time to give equal love to the places that surround Houston.

As always, Card Cow is the place to go for your vintage-postcard needs.

10. Beaumont: Plenty of Parking! The Beaumont Village Shopping Center features a Woolworth's, a Beall's and a Walgreens. Somehow it still manages to have enough parking to handle the ensuing crowds, a fact the owners are apparently very proud of.

9. She's Unsinkable The imaginatively named S.S. Galveston Motel, if by "imaginatively" you mean "Stop trying after you come up with the 'S.S.' part." Or maybe "S.S." refers to Nazi stormtroopers. We can't be sure.

(According to our decidedly amateur sleuthing skills, this is what it looks like now:)

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8. We're Having Fun in Galveston! Empty, Deserted Galveston If your idea of fun is inhabiting a bleak, depopulated, postapocalyptic landscape where zombies might attack at any minute, Galveston is the place to go. At least there seems to be plenty of PBR.

7. Mr. Sexy, Just Waiting Under Umbrella No. 69 Long pants? Check. Black socks? You bet. Dress shoes? Oh, yeah. Sure, he may look unsuited for the beach, but that naked torso begs to differ. And don't worry, ladies: Yes, he does keep the black socks on while he's doing it.

6. Going Off the Rails on the Crazy Train We were going to say that this looks like the most joyless sightseeing experience ever, but then we noticed the train is painted pink, so it's festive.

5. That Roller Coaster Actually Looks Pretty Cool This "aeroplane view" shows a carnival-like street scene, elaborate bathhouses and what looks like a kick-ass wooden roller coaster. We're not sure we would want to be living right next to it, mind you, but if it's just a visit, the clacking is a sweet sound of a beach summer.

4. There's Water Around Here Somewhere This picture of the Stewart Beach boardwalk looks like a crowded sidewalk scene from the Lower East Side, with people huddled around tables instead of on stoops. But we suppose all the lanky manflesh is meant to be enticing.

3. Shipwreck Survivors Wearily Hold on for Dear Life Or maybe they're enjoying themselves immensely, it's difficult to tell. That may just be how they roll at "The Greatest Health and Pleasure Resort in the U.S."

2. A Festive Galveston Christmas Again with the zombie apocalypse? Maybe the photographer just insisted on the early morning light, and if the streets are empty then they're empty, dammit. We still have the garland and red bell over the intersection, how much more *@%#$ festive do you want it?

1. Find Your Inner Conformist at Lee College This purports to be a student scene at Baytown's Lee College. But we're skeptical. We think it more likely to be a) an Up With People rehearsal; b) a Bob Jones University brochure shot; c) the 1971 Sears catalog page for Happenin' Jeans ("They're the Grooviest!!"); or d) a Smithsonian exhibit on Unfortunate Women's Hairstyles of Years Past.

We don't know which is the worse token appearance: the one black dude, or the guy who's defying authority by wearing dark pants instead of jeans.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.