Ten Gifts for the Houston Sports Fan They Are Bound to Love

When you have a sports fan in your life, I mean a serious, hard-core fan, it can be tough to buy for them. Some of them seem to spend entire paychecks on sports gear and stuff related to their teams. Most have tickets to games and probably have a lot of memorabilia that will sell great on Ebay someday.

But, Christmas is coming and you need to think fast or you'll fumble away your chance at an awesome gift -- see what I did there? Fortunately for you, I'm here to help. There are quite a few interesting and unique ideas for the discerning sports fan in Houston despite the fact that our sports history hasn't always been, shall we say, stellar. And since they probably own everything the Texans have to offer, I figured I'd help find you some alternatives.

10. The Punch by John Feinstein

This is a riveting account of the night in Los Angeles Kermit Washington, with one shot to the cheek of Rudy Tomjanovich, destroyed the career of two players and changed the way the game was played. Feinstein is an outstanding and prolific writer and this is a must-read for any Rockets fan.

9. NBA Houston Rockets 1993-1994 Champions -- Clutch City (DVD)

If you are old enough to have gone through the first championship season by the Rockets, this will be like a walk down memory lane. If you missed it, you can see it for the first time, including all seven NBA Finals games in their entirety.

8. Dynamo Replica Jersey

Let's be honest. The coolest jerseys in Houston are sported by our MLS team. Whether you like soccer or not, owning one of those bright orange jerseys is still a must-have in Houston.

7. A Suite for an Aeros Game

The closest thing we have to the most exciting in-person sport is the Houston Aeros. It's not the NHL, but it's damn close and the fans know how to rock the house.

6. Houston Oilers Astrodome Panoramic Print

Nothing says class like some cool old photos, particularly if they are of the Eighth Wonder of the World. My guess is you might find some great ones in the Houston Area Digital Archive as well. You can even buy them from the public library.

5. Comcast Subscription

Your chances of seeing the Rockets or Astros on U-verse, DirecTV or Dish Network grow slimmer by the day. Be a pal and get your sports fan an additional cable subscription to Comcast.

4. Skeeters Season Tickets

It's a bit of a drive if you don't live in Sugar Land, but the Skeeters have a first-class facility and the games are a ton of fun. Plus, at just $600 to start for 70 games, the price can't be beat.

3. Colt .45s Throwback Jersey

Yes, the Astros went back to the old-style jerseys and color schemes for 2013, but nothing beats the pistol gear of the old Colt .45s.

2. Hoops Basketball Goal

You've probably heard the ads on sports radio, but these are the real deal. They are pricey -- starting at around $700 -- but they are the best basketball goals anywhere and when your old, out-of-shape husband and his beer-drinking buddies are dunking on a goal attached to your roof, it better be as sturdy as possible.

1. Robertson Stadium Seats

Seriously, who wouldn't want to keep a piece of UH history for themselves? Are they practical? Of course not. But they sure are freaking cool. Better hurry, though. The auctions end on Friday.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.