Ten Hottest Things Houstonians Have to Deal With During the Summer

People have romantic ideas of summer. As a kid, it's all about being off from school. As an adult, summer is time to squeeze in those vacation days.

But no matter how much we wish otherwise, summer in Houston can really suck sometimes. Here are some of the hottest things Houstonians have to deal with during the summer:

10. Free Press Summerfest Summerfest is fun as hell. It's also hot as hell.

9. Pretty much any surface your feet touch outside Bare feet don't exist in Houston during the summer. Be it asphalt streets, cement sidewalks or brick walkways; it's all hot.

8. Your dog Poor dogs - they have all that hair. No amount of water can totally make up for it.

7. Any liquid you leave in your car for more than 10 minutes. Water left in a car for 10 minutes? Undrinkable. Soda left in a car for 10 minutes? Very undrinkable. Coffee left in a - stop. Undrinkable.

6. Any outdoor workout Few people really truly want to go for a run. Even fewer want to wake up early in the morning to do it.

5. A whole next level of humidity No words do Houston's humidity justice. Heat is one thing; wet heat is another. Sometimes, just walking down the street during the summer can feel like your taking a stroll in soup.

4. Your house when the air conditioning breaks Keeping your house or apartment at a cool 70 degrees is great, until it breaks. Then nothing is right with the world.

3. Your seatbelt buckle There's nothing quite like branding yourself while trying to put on your seatbelt.

2. Your car's leather seats Crack a window. Use a windshield cover. Whatever you do, it's going to be hot in your car. And if you have black interior, bless you.

1. Your car's steering wheel Ahh! Hands!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.