Ten Houston Neighborhoods: The Crimes They Experience

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We've been plotting which neighborhoods in Houston lead in certain crime categories, but doing that doesn't really get you to the more well-known parts of town.

So we decided to zero in on a few specific neighborhoods and see what crime's been going down in them.

The numbers all come from the Houston police beat statistics; the most recent information available is from November. These are just whatever happened that month and not necessarily any indication of what usually happens, not to mention that in some places a specific location like an apartment complex can skew impressions.

With those caveats out of the way, let's look at ten areas around town and see what's had the police busy in terms of major crimes (excluding theft, because there's just too much of it for us.)

In no particular order:

10. Montrose: Burglaries are big here, with 30 for the month; nine auto thefts, seven aggravated assaults and six robberies.

9. Downtown: Auto thefts rule here, with 22. Only three burglaries, but eight robberies and eight aggravated assaults. There was also a rape.

8. Oak Forest/Garden Oaks: This northwest side neighborhood had a dozen burglaries and six robberies, but only three auto thefts and a single aggravated assault.

7. NASA area: Not much going on here in November: four auto thefts, three robberies and two each of burglaries and aggravated assaults.

6. Fondren Southwest: A wee bit busier than around the Johnson Space Center. Forty burglaries, 22 aggravated assaults, 17 robberies and 14 auto thefts.

5. The Heights: Seventeen burglaries is nothing to sneeze at, but other than ten auto thefts not much to report: five robberies, three aggravated assaults and two rapes. 4. Fifth Ward: Two dozen burglaries and 16 aggravated assaults. There were ten robberies and eight auto thefts.

3. River Oaks: Not including any white-collar crimes, not to mention crimes against good taste, the numbers are low: Three burglaries and three auto thefts.

2. The Galleria & Tanglewood: Thirteen burglaries and nine auto thefts, along with four aggravated assaults and two robberies.

1. Rice University area: Sixteen burglaries, seven auto thefts and a single robbery.

Burglaries are obviously the most common crime. Of the areas listed, here's the top five:

1. Fondren Southwest -- 40 burglaries 2. Montrose -- 30 3. Fifth Ward -- 24 4. The Heights -- 17 5. Rice University area -- 16

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.