Ten of the Stranger Words on the Homeland Security Watch List

The Internet is buzzing today over the story from the UK Daily Mail revealing a long list of words that the Department of Homeland Security monitors on social media and online media for signs of terrorist activity. As you might expect, the list contains words that are not surprising -- bomb, hostage, anthrax -- and some that might be. It has led to speculation among nerds that the government is clearly watching just about everyone.

Who is surprised by this? Raise your hand. If you raised it, we would like to offer you a way to make a million dollars through a West African prince. Seriously!

When perusing the list, there were a number that caught my attention, but here are the ten I found to be the most odd.

10. Cloud

Next time you think to post about a shape you saw in the clouds or, God help you, a photo of said clouds, think twice, buster.

9. Wave

One can only assume they mean some sort of tsunami and not the horrible, now defunct Google Wave, because that would be truly scary.

8. San Diego

I get that it is right across the border from drug cartels, but it's funny to think of a city as relatively harmless-seeming as San Diego on a terrorist word watch list. It's like claiming Madison, Wisconsin, is a danger.

7. Canceled

Guess my angry rant about the cancellation of Alcatraz got me the evil eye recently.

6. Plot

The only plot I see most people posting about on Facebook is the kind that is preceded by "SPOILER ALERT!"

5. Smart

What this list appears to not be.

4. Pork

Also, "swine" made the list. The only consolation is that foodies must rank way up on the most-watched list.

3. Sleet

Snow, ice and even hail, I get. But is there any precipitation less threatening than sleet?

2. Help

If you need it, don't ask the government. Also, don't talk about the Beatles.

1. Social Media

Maybe the best word on the list if it means people stop using it.

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