Ten Reasons Why the Texans Didn’t Challenge the Call on Justin McCareins’ Sideline Catch

If you’re like me or CBS announcers Kevin Harlin and Rich Gannon, you watched the Texans/Titans game on Sunday and found yourself wondering why Gary Kubiak didn’t throw the replay flag on Titans receiver Justin McCareins’ sideline catch that appeared to be out-of-bounds in the second quarter. Well, don’t worry. Gary Kubiak has an answer.

“We didn’t see that one on the replay for some reason. Upstairs we never got that replay,” he said. “But it’s my understanding that it was very close.”

But why didn’t upstairs get that replay? Our sources did a little spying around the Texans offices, and we found a list of reasons offered up by the assistant coaches for missing that replay.

10. Out of sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of Houstonians who were still without power and cable, the coaches up in the boxes refused to watch the television.

9. The defensive coaches were on the phone with ex-colleague and current Aggies coach Mike Sherman trying to help him figure out some defensive schemes that might stop college offensives.

8. Since they were in Nashville, the coaches opted to watch Hee Haw instead.

7. The coaches had the TVs in the booth turned to the Giants/Bengals game so that they could get an idea of what a team is actually supposed to do on offense.

6. They were in shock that a wide receiver could actually catch a deep pass, seeing as how Andre Johnson had already dropped a couple.

5. The coaches actually saw the replay on the television, but offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was on the phone with his dad, trying to get some advice on when to run, and when to pass the ball, and he wouldn’t get off, thus preventing the rest from telling Kubiak to challenge the call.

4. They were watching one of those Geico Commercials with the cavemen, and they were wondering why someone didn’t try turning it into a sitcom.

3. In deference to Vince Young being up in the coaches’ boxes, they decided to leave their cell phones at the hotel.

2. They figured, what’s the use? Kubiak always loses the replay challenges anyway…

1. They were watching the Titans’ cheerleaders.

-- John Royal

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