Ten Things To Look For Tonight As The Texans Take On The Bucs

The final Texans preseason game is tonight, and the team is in Tampa Bay to take on the Bucs. One thing we know for sure is that, once again, the game will not be shown in high-definition, but frankly, with the way the team has been playing, maybe that's a good thing.  Here are the top ten things to look forward to in the game.

10. James Casey will get some playing time tonight, at tight end and at full back. Seeing as how Cato June is gone and Brian Cushing is still not able to play, maybe the coaches should see if he can play linebacker. He definitely can't play any worse than some of the alleged talent already "playing" at the position.

9. Matt Schaub isn't going to play tonight, so the team doesn't have to worry about his tripping over any flat lines and injuring an ankle. However, seeing as how this is Schaub, maybe someone needs to make sure he doesn't injure himself by blinking his eyes.

8. Hey, maybe the Texans should try Casey at quarterback as well. He can't be any worse than Dan Orlovsky and Alex Brink, can he? Seriously, he can't be worse than those guys can he?

7. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired their offensive coordinator yesterday. So Gary Kubiak is probably already preparing that as his excuse in case the team gets burned on one of the first plays -- the team couldn't prepare because it had no clue as to what the new coordinator might want to try.

6. It the Texans lose, the story will be that it's preseason and the games don't matter. If the Texans win, the story will be that the win sets the right tone for the beginning of the season.

5. If the Texans lose, then how much longer until Richard Justice starts the cry to draft Colt McCoy next year?

4. So far, Chris Brown has made it through the preseason without an injury. Does he make it all of the way through, or is he just overdue for his inevitable injury?

3. The fans will miss a big play on the field because Bob Allen's conducting another of his useless sideline interviews.

2. No matter what happens tonight, come next week against the Jets, the Houston Chronicle and various sports radio experts will be touting the Texans as a playoff-caliber team.

1. Only one more week until the Houston Astros become a complete afterthought to the Houston sports-following public.

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