Tera Trevino Will Bring Friendswood's Low-Rider Culture To A Shocked America

Remember Nelson Muntz coming out of Naked Lunch with Bart Simpson et al? "I can think of at least two things wrong with that title," he says.

That's the general sense viewers of ABC's Wife Swap get.

The show is titillating only if you're turned on by whiny, self-obsessed people who will do anything to get on TV. Each week a wife from one type of uptight family switches places with a wife from a non-uptight family!! (Sex doesn't ensue.)

Coming up a week from Friday: A Friendswood woman into piercings, low-rider cars and being laissez-faire with the kids switches places with a wife from a family that does a Christian variety show at state fairs and carnivals!! It's wacky!!

Here's how ABC describes it: "A clean-cut family who perform a wholesome variety show swap with a rule-free family of low-riders who let their girls wear and say anything they want."

So, on the one side, clean-cut and wholesome. On the other, dirty, scuzzy low-riders.

Tera Trevino of Friendswood will be representing all us locals:

The Trevinos of Texas are all about low-riding cars and "keeping it real." Chris and Tera are laid-back parents who say this means raising their girls to be open and honest with them about everything. Their five girls, Myla (14), Farrah (13), Alana (11), Cameran (7) and Cris (5), all see their mom as their friend. Chris and Tera take their girls to car shows that feature other low-rider cars, scantily clad girls and flashy paint jobs. Chris is the lone provider for the family, and Tera spends most of her day "getting her beauty sleep" and hanging out.

The other wife is Lori Herrington. Asks ABC: "Can Lory Herrington show the Trevino family that wholesome activities can also be fun?"

Gosh, we sure hope so. Let's hear it for good, clean, white, Christian American culture!!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.