Teri Meri Dosti, A Bollywood Glee Filmed In Missouri City, Debuts

One of Pakistan's hottest actors is part of a new TV series that debuted this month -- a series that was filmed in Missouri City.

Featuring Houston actors and the estimable actor/model Imran Abbas, Teri Meri Dosti could be described as sort of a Bollywoodized Glee, or at least that's what Nara Lakhani of the monthly South Asian magazine Sabse Bada Rupaiya compares it to, in part. Although behind-the-scenes footage is available on the show's Facebook page, it doesn't look like TMD will be shown in the U.S. So we asked Lakhani to tell us a little bit about it.

She tells Hair Balls in an e-mail that the series revolves around a group of friends who met in the 1980s, sharing dreams of becoming artists. But years later, only one of the characters has actually pursued his goal, while the rest have become nine-to-fivers

"This is a feel-good series filled with light, fresh, frothy instances of taking second chances and believing in yourself and each other," Lakhani wrote. "The series also takes on modern-day relationships between people, and how lives have evolved from those old-school ways of communication, but the basic core of our culture and ethics is what remains precious."

Culture? Ethics? Laff riot!

As the stories unfold through musical numbers, Lakhani told us, "the 1980s will merge into the present-day narrative and show how art has evolved in the course of 20 years."

But why Houston/MO City?

"In various parts of Houston, you can find artistic, upscale and urban settings. The director had an eye to find such locations and gave Houston a completely different look in the show," she wrote.

Sounds cool to us. We'll have to stay tuned to Facebook for more glimpses.

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