Term Limits FAIL: City Council Rejects Extension Proposal

​With immigration, taxes, abortion, religion and terror babies dominating so much of the news, one mainstay of political discussion doesn't get the love it once did, but it looks like city council is digging deep into the political debate archive and bringing back our old buddy term limits.

Yesterday, council rejected 7-7 a proposal aimed at changing the number of years council members and the mayor could remain in office from a possible three two-year terms to two terms of four years each.

Opponents on the council were bothered by the fact that the provision allowed any first termer, including Annise Parker, to benefit from the ruling by allowing them to run for an additional two four-year terms after their first go in office.
Back in February, Hair Balls reported on an email practically declaring war on term limits after a mere whiff that changes might be coming, even having a whole meeting and everything to discuss the terrifying possibilities.

A term of two years basically forces office holders to spend most of their time campaigning and limiting time in office to everyone means good politicians (an oxymoron to be sure) might get the boot too soon. On the other hand, a lack of term limits once meant a lifetime of service for Strom Thurmond. Now, that's old school.

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