Terrell Rogers: Three-Pronged Effort to Hide Weed Ends in Felony Charge

Say what you will about Terrell Rogers of Angelina County, but you can't give him anything less than an A for effort.

The heavily-inked 24-year-old was arrested after a traffic stop on Highway 59 just north of his hometown of Diboll yesterday when police discovered he was wanted on a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge.

While en route to jail, the cop glanced in his rear-view and noticed that Rogers was chewing on something. When they arrived at the Angelina County Jail in Lufkin, Rogers hocked a greenish-brown cud on the ground.

The cop asked what it was. "It's weed," came the alleged reply.

Rogers consented to a strip-search during his booking. After he was taken to a private area, Rogers is said to have yanked a bag containing more weed out of his whitey-tighties, dashed over to the jailhouse commode and attempted to flush the evidence. Apparently he was carrying a little too much 'dro for that scheme to work, so he then plunged his hands into the toilet and tried to cram the buds down the drain.

Foiled in his desperate efforts by jailers, Rogers was charged with two more crimes: misdemeanor pot possession and felony evidence-tampering.

Will these people never learn?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.