The good, the bad and the ugly
The good, the bad and the ugly

Terrible? Great? Seven Rap Videos About Texas Colleges

Rap is a universal language, except for most old people. So it's natural that college students would use rap to express their love for their school.

Sometimes this is done well, others....not so well.

True to form are these Texas schools, be they oh-so-white or not so white. How well do they succeed? We'll let you decide. If you can get through all of them.

7. Baylor Song: "B.U. Rap" Key line: "Rise and shine, it's time to go to chapel / gonna eat some breakfast, get some Snapple"

6. SMU Song: "SMU Rap" Key line: "Every weekend I cruise on the boulevard / If you don't know what that is then you are the retard."

5. TCU Song: "Raw Raw TCU" Key line: "Hey CoachP? It's game time / I'm a Horned Frog shootin' blood out of my eye"

4. Texas A&M Song: "Aggie Swag" Key Line: "I'm hittin' up Antonio's with crazy kids of pizza / Or maybe get some Freebirds they roll up like Wiz Khalifa"

3. Texas Tech Song: "Raider Rash" Key Line: "If you move to Lubbock you're bound to be screwing / Because every skank in these parts knows a thing about sucking / If they're wearing Raider Black then they're down for fucking"

2. University of Texas Song: "Mack Brown Rap" Key line: "Back then Horns didn't want me / Now I'm Horns all on me"

1. University of Houston Song: "UH Fight" Key line: "Don't try to disrespect us / Cause when you diss the Cougars you're dissin' Houston Texas"

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