Tess Ferguson: Facebook "About Me" of a Channelview Meth User

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Tess "the Mess" Ferguson: Likes: Murder Suicide and "Gruge Fucks." Dislikes: Sugar and spice and everything nice.
According to court records, Harris County sheriff's deputies arrested 26-year-old Tess Ferguson yesterday. This time, she has been charged with possession of meth -- between four and 200 grams, a second-degree felony that could get her between two and 20 years behind bars if she is convicted.

She's already rung up convictions for possession of meth, another for possession of Xanax and a third for attempting to hinder the apprehension of a felon.

Sadly, lives like hers are unremarkable in poverty-stricken east Harris County. What is sadder still, and more than a little frightening, is the way she describes herself on her Facebook page.

She calls herself the "head ass stomper" at a place of employment called "need work." Under "University," she wrote "Noes," and "Fuck it, try me." And then there's the magnum opus she put as her "Basic Information."

"The only thang i can say i done right in yhis lifei is bring 2 perfect, ,white angel"s in rthis word,,,the rest of me is as fuck up ,.,just no i am a real bad girl,and ill die a real bad bitch," she begins.

"So get on my team r get left on the side lines.,.,i cant say ur going to like me .,.,but u will respect me,.,i want what i cant have and if i do get it im,over it real fast ,.,.love has not done right bie me and i onl no how to love 1 way ,.,.,real sick hate love ,.,,.if you aint felt that sick stocker ,kill u and then kill myself ,fuckin gratest gruge fuck in your life,.,,.than you never been FERGAFIDE , some no the name most no my face but aint a m/f no this bitch,.,.,!!!! TESSthaMESS"

Wow. Hardly eharmony.com material there. In fact, she puts us in mind of Christy, the scariest meth-head ever to appear on A&E's Intervention.

Saddest of all, her kids really are beautiful.

Grow up, Tess. Once this mess is behind you, and it might be some time before it is, put away the meth and tell your kids to make room for mommy. And then be one.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.