Tevin Marks Will Shoot Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings & (Police Say) Women Peeing in the Bathroom

Tevin Marks, owner of a video company that shoots bar mitzvahs and weddings, has been charged with leaving a hidden camera in a bathroom at a party.

The investigation pretty much consisted of viewing the video already in the discovered camera and seeing Marks, 40, hiding it, KHOU reports.

The camera was seen by a guest, who reported it to the host, who played it and called the cops.

In an interview with the Jewish Herald Voice eleven years ago, Marks was asked about winning a GenNEXT award and the joys of shooting events.

Not that it's all roses, he says:

I've had a few clients who want to do the opposite of what you might think should be done. Sometimes, it's an odd request, but my job is to please the client. Since my name is on the final product, I want it to be the best possible, but I also want the client to be pleased with the end result.

We guess the hostess of the party found out about him doing the opposite of what she thought should be done.

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