Texan Energy-Industry Job-Seekers Swamp Australian Job Fair

The Australian government and energy companies from Down Under have set up a job fair for Texas workers this weekend, and they won't have to worry about not being busy.

They've already hit the limit of 3,000 attendees and have had to cut off accepting any more applications, the Australia Department of Immigration & Citizenship announced.

"We've had to cut off online expressions of interest as it approached 3,000 because we are limiting each session to around 150-200 people to ensure each applicant and all of the recruiters have quality time with each other," DIC spokesman Sandi Lyon said. "We're looking for engineers, quantity surveyors, welders, electricians, carpenters and mechanics among a range of trades and professions."

The jobs being offered are from 20 Australian companies "as well as state government representatives seeking to fill more than 650 vacancies in the booming minerals and resources sector," Lyon said.

He said Americans "who are ready to travel down under will find many similar qualities and elements in the Australian lifestyle that they'd be used to at home in the U.S. We speak English, we are tolerant and diverse, we love sport, and we have a strong friendship with Americans which dates back more than a century, supporting each other in combat in many places around the world."

They love sport! But they probably know more about the Cowboys than the Texans.

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