What do Texans think about messing with Texas?
What do Texans think about messing with Texas?

Texans Are For Civil Unions, Paula Deen, Not Messing With Texas, Against Rick Perry

John Steinbeck once wrote that Texas was a state of mind, approximating religion. A complex state of mind though, he owned, since people either passionately love the Lone Star State or passionately hate it. Complex also because this is a big state with lots of people and lots of opinions. We mention this because nothing is as simple in Texas as one would think, but there are some things we mostly agree on, according to recent poll results released by Public Policy Polling.

While most Texans are against legalizing same-sex marriage, to the tune of 34 percent of those polled, 63 percent believe gay couples should be allowed to have same-sex marriage or civil unions. Also, 75 percent believe employers should not be allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation, so there's that.

On the gun thing, while we are a gun-toting, bang-bang loving society, the poll found that 72 percent of Texans are in favor of requiring background checks to purchase guns, including guns purchased on the internet and at gun shows. We love our guns around here, but we want those buying guns to get checked out some before they get to come shooting with us.

Looking into the future, namely the 2016 election, more Texans want to see Ted Cruz take a Republican run at becoming Commander-in-Chief, with 27 percent support, compared to a less impressive for 15 percent for Jeb Bush, the runner up. Chris Christie and Rand Paul both registered with 11 percent each, but if Gov. Rick Perry is still holding a torch for that presidential nomination, it seems likely to be a pretty one-sided affair. Even in his home state, according to the poll, that no one thinks the guy with the greatest hair in politics should take another run at the White House.

Also, 46 percent of those polled still support Paula Deen, compared to the 21 percent who do not (and the rest of those who presumably don't care either way.)

And, if you are ever thinking of messing with Texas, Texans agree by an overwhelming 78 percent that you should not. We're not sure what the nine percent who said you should mess with Texas were thinking -- or the 13 percent who said they were unsure either way -- but obviously they weren't thinking like Texans. Steinbeck was right. Texas is a state of mind and we all know that state of mind is pretty clear on this issue: You don't mess with Texas.

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