Texans' Bernard Pollard Hates Cursing. He Effin' Hates It

Note: Don't play the above clip at work, at least not loudly.

As everyone knows, the Houston Texans' Bernard Pollard is a prim man. We know that.

Reports Pro Football Talk of Pollard speaking of his time with the Kansas City Chiefs:

"With professional athletes, you're dealing with grown men. You're not dealing with boys," Pollard tells the [Fort Wayne] Journal Gazette. "You're not in a locker room with sophomores in high school. You're dealing with grown men with families. I have a wife. I have a son. And I have a daughter on the way. I'm not going to sit there and let you curse me out when you feel like cursing me out or talk to me any way you want to talk to me, and you just want me to sit and take it and say, 'Yes, coach.'"

So we can only surmise that the CBS audio in the clip above was badly garbeled.

It sounds like it contains about -- to use the proper terminology -- three f-bombs and one n-word in the space of about two seconds. After a play that really didn't seem anything but innocuous.

We only hope CBS catches the prankster who substituted the audio in place of Mr. Pollard's more erudite observations on the play.

See photos from the Texan's effin' awesome win over the Colts in our slideshow.

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