Texans Bye Week Twitter Fun: The Implosion of Tony Romo (w/ MANY Tweets)

"I don't understand Tony Romo being called the most overrated player in the NFL. If anything, he's the most underrated player in the NFL." -- Troy Aikman during Sunday's telecast of Cowboys-Giants

I'm not sure what's crazier, that Troy Aikman gets paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars for inane opinions like this one or that Fox has him on the top rung of their ladder of color analysts, but if the NFL Players Association is looking for further compelling evidence on the effects of concussions in its lawsuit against the league (During his playing career, Aikman was concussed roughly a thousand times.), I'd highly recommend sending the footage of this quote.

If you're wondering why exactly Aikman was discussing the overratedness of Tony Romo, it goes back to the results of a poll were revealed this week in which NFL players were asked who the most overrated player is in the NFL.

The results went as follows:

1. Tim Tebow, who basically carries the vote in any poll regarding anything NFL related ever, with a resounding 34 percent of the vote 2. A tie between Tebow's fellow Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (way to go, New York!) and Romo, each with eight percent of the vote

We all know how much attention Tony Romo receives. It's a disproportionate amount for a player whose resume includes a grand total of one postseason victory. Let's face it, if Tony Romo were slinging mind boggling interceptions and scrambling around like a maniac for the Arizona Cardinals, he'd basically be a modern day Jake Plummer, just another face on the roulette wheel of quarterbacks 11 through 25 in the NFL.

But he's the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and his office is the Taj Mahal of NFL stadiums. So TMZ cameras follow him around on vacation, female fans obsess over who he's dating, and the douche cap that he wears to post game press conferences gets its own Twitter account.

In short, if I were to debate the merits of Romo's "ratedness" (if there were such a word) with a player who took part in the aforementioned poll, I would say don't confuse overexposure with overrated. I don't know of a single person (save Troy Aikman) that I routinely discuss football with that doesn't take Romo the football player for exactly what he is -- a quarterback who is just good enough to give your team a chance to win any game, but just boneheaded and careless enough to grind your soul into smithereens.

If you're a Cowboys fan, that is. If you aren't a Cowboys fan, Romo is more like a Disney ride -- up, down, up, down, and ultimately you leave happy and satisfied.

Such was the case on Sunday, as Romo (shortly after Aikman made his lame attempt to convince us how underrated he is) threw three first quarter interceptions to put the Cowboys in a 23-0 hole. He would actually wind up throwing for over 400 yards and give the Cowboys a 24-23 lead before closing out the game with another interception and, trailing 29-24, throwing a Hail Mary pass that sailed out the back of the end zone as time expired.

In two words, vintage Romo.

But why stop at two words when we can sum up Romo's Sunday performance so much better in 140 character blurbs from around the internet. Here is Tony Romo's Sunday implosion as seen through the eyes of Twitter...

And perhaps the most depressing tweet of all, the stark reminder that, in the end, Tony Romo can just point at his W-2 and tell us all to go to hell....

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