Texans Cheerleaders In Japan: Armed & Dangerous

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They're cheerleaders, and they're armed
The Texans cheerleaders are headed to Japan on an Armed Forces Entertainment tour, because our brave service members want to hear what Matt Schaub is really like. Or maybe they want to look at cheerleaders.

Texans cheerleader Lindsay (as always, first names only to deter stalker creeps) will be blogging about the trip for us. Very enthusiastically.

Good Morning from Okinawa!

I wanted to drop a few quick lines before we head out. It is 6 a.m. here in Okinawa, Japan. Stacy just brewed a pot of Maxwell House here in the hotel room (I'm a Folger's gal myself but it will do. Ha!) and we are getting hair and make up ready for our very long day. Excuse me if there are extra exclamation points in this morning's entry. The coffee is kicking in ...NOW!!!!

We will be visiting the Commander today and taking a quick tour of his office. We have TONS of Meet & Greet sessions and we will be running around all over the place like madwomen. We will also be visiting the Kadena Marine Wing where we will visit a unit that has been deployed (to what location I am unsure yet but I will find out and update). I am especially interested to meet these individuals and gather their thoughts and feelings on their deployment.

In addition we will be stopping by the Kadena Youth Center for a Meet & Greet. I really hope that I have the opportunity to teach a dance clinic to the children on base again. Last February I taught a youth dance clinic at Camp Zama and the girls and I had the most amazing time! I have a really neat hip hop number in mind to Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya." I will have the kiddies poppin' and lockin' in no time!!

Tonight we will be performing at the Palms Club at Camp Hansen around 8 p.m. We will be promoting the show all day and I'm sure the turnout will be great. The show is "Texas" themed, complete with smokin' red hot cowboy hats!!! We will be wearing our hot red dance boots with our uniform tonight as well. This show is very high-energy and it will be boot-stompin' fun. Word on the street is that "Texas" themed shows are a hit with crowd and receive great reception.

Time to finish getting ready and packing a few odds and ends for the day! I will do my best to enclose pictures if I get better reception here in a bit. The tour with Armed Forces Entertainment has officially begun!!

And a bonus update....

This has been the longest day I have ever experienced as a Texans Cheerleader. We woke up this morning around 6:45 a.m., left the hotel around 8:00 a.m., and we are just getting back from our adventures at 11 this evening.

We. Are. Exhausted.

We experienced so many incredible things today. Our first stop at Camp Foster was especially fun. We were a little sleepy from the flights the night before but we woke up in good spirits and ready to rock n' roll. We rode on our bus to visit the 3rd MEF Band and take a tour of their practice facility. Little did we know, we were in for a treat. The guys informed us that there would be a surprise and they asked us, "So who is the leader of the pack here?" We were a little scared about the "surprise" and no one raised their hand to volunteer (we are all dictators in the group anyhow). They then asked us, "Okay, who has been on the squad the longest!?" Seeing as Amanda has been on the squad the longest of all of the members in our group (she has been on the squad four years now) we decided to appoint her our leader for the time being.

Sorry Amanda. Well not really.....more like, we wish we would have volunteered!!

Amanda gets sung to
​We walked into the MEF Bands small practice auditorium where they played us a very fine patriotic tune. They are incredible musicians and actually have a rock band which will be performing in Thailand here in the next week. They are not only incredible musicians.....but singers as well. After the band finished their piece, they sat Amanda in a chair in front of the entire band and played "My Girl" by the Temptations while a VERY good looking Marine sang to her and danced with her around the room.

We were gushing!! Lucky Amanda!

After visiting the MEF Band we shot over to the Kadena Air Force Base where I just happened to fall in love with the most amazing fighter jets I have ever seen. I have always wanted to be up close to an actual jet. One of my favorite movies is definitely Top Gun and I always imagined what it would be like to crawl up to the cock pit of a jet and watch one take off. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do all of these things today. The planes are incredible machines and worth millions of dollars. We were shown the different parts of the planes and shown what each part/gadget was responsible for. The missiles were incredible up close. Everything was so surreal.

I was especially inspired by a young girl named Brandie whom, when we approached the plane, was crawling in and out of various spaces, observing the plane, tightening knick-knacks and looking impressive in all of her gear. She quickly described to us her responsibilities, which, forgive me but at this moment of the evening I cannot recall all of the jet jargon that I had to retain today. Just know that it was very complicated (Ha!) but very, very interesting.

I wish she would have had more time to talk with us today. In the few short minutes that she did speak with us I was incredibly inspired. I didn't get her age or much more of her story, but I was moved by her ability to work in such a male-dominant field and still have perfect pink nail polish!

She feels the need. The need....for speed
​Mom, don't be afraid, but meeting her made me contemplate joining the Air Force.

Our show at The Palms at Camp Hansen, about an hour from our main location at Camp Foster, turned out to be an absolute hit!!! A few of the Marines that we had met earlier in the day made the trip up to Camp Hansen to show their support and cheer us on. When we thanked them for coming they said, "We wanted to return the favor." These guys are simply sensational. They had an absolute blast with the show and were a wonderful audience. After our performance we sat down to sign autographs. I felt so at home listening to the DJ play Texas Country music, especially when he played the ever so popular "Chicken Fried" by Zach Brown Band and every Marine in the joint sang aloud. It was a really special moment.

The weather today was pretty unruly with wind and a misty rain. It was humid and we were feeling pretty clammy most of the day. It reminded us a lot of back home in Houston, where the humidity is so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was just the same here in Okinawa and amidst our failure to keep dry and maintain perfect hair through all of these appearances we got some really neat photos and wonderful memories. I think what we looked like didn't matter so much anymore, these guys were just happy to have us here.

We were also fortunate enough to stop by Armory and visit the childrens Youth Center at Kadena as well. Check out the photos!

In the mean time, I MUST sleep. We have an early flight in the morning to Hiroshima! I can't wait to see the sites there and hopefully catch a glimpse of some WWII history museums. I was told that it is an "eye-opener". We will also be teaching are youth camp there.

Get ready to bust a move kiddos!

Until tomorrow, Goodnight!

He comes at you with a pistol, you come at him with a machine gun

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