Texans Cheerleaders In The Far East: Stuck In An Airport And You Can't Get Out Of It

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The Texans cheerleaders are headed to Japan on an Armed Forces Entertainment tour, because our brave service members want to hear what Matt Schaub is really like. Or maybe they want to look at cheerleaders.

Texans cheerleader Lindsay (as always, first names only to deter stalker creeps) will be blogging about the trip for us. Very enthusiastically.

Hello from Singapore,

It has been a very long last two days here in Singapore. We started out missing our 7:30 a.m. flight due to a cancellation at Tokyo International Airport. We were then informed that we had to take a bus to Tokyo Narita Airport to try and catch the next flight to Singapore which left at 11:35 a.m.

Well, we ended up missing the 11:35 flight due to traffic and the long 90-minute drive to Tokyo Narita Airport from Tokyo International. After our amazing chaperone Sandy whipped out her sensational negotiation skills to the airport personnel at the ANA airline counter, we were able to score another flight out around 5:30 p.m. that evening. I have to say, trying to kill time in the airport can be a bit of a hassle.

We had a good five or six hours before our departure time. After a while, you can only circle the area so many times and buy so many different flavored Kit-Kats (which, might I add, you can only find the most amazing flavored Kit-Kats in Japan). I'm talking about strawberry (which is the best), orange (tastes like an orange Dreamsicle), soy sauce, wasabi flavored (I'm not kidding), and the list goes on! In short, you start to feel a little like Tom Hanks in The Terminal during the "waiting hours" to board your flight.

When we finally boarded the plane I was told the flight time equaled...6 hours. Flying really takes a toll on you physically. I think our ears have had it already. Ha!

As usual, another neat flight. Two gentlemen boarded the plane and sat in the row in front of Sandy and I. One of them leaned over his seat and asked me if we were on vacation. I said, "Well, we are visiting the military throughout a few locations in Japan and we will be spending one night in Singapore and then flying out to Diego Garcia to visit the military there. We get the day off in Singapore tomorrow to shop and sightsee!" In return I asked, "What are you guys here for?" He reluctantly said, "We are headed to Kuwait." The two gentleman were Marines.

My heart dropped. Here I was upset about our missed flight earlier in the day, then excited about my day off in a beautiful foreign country and these two guys were headed out to Kuwait to, I'm sure, embark on dangerous missions.

Once again, I was reminded to remember. Reality hit me in the face once more and I was reminded to remember those who fight every day. Those who leave their families, and embark on these long flights to fight for our country.

We had our day off here in Singapore today. Everything about it was wonderful. It was a nice day to relax and take a breather from our hectic flight schedule and agenda during the last few days.

However, as I walked down the busy intersections; people watching and taking in the beautiful smell of incense on the streets of Little India here in Singapore, I couldn't help but think about the two Marines on the plane.

I hope where ever they are today that they are safe and blessed.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.