Japan is a mere 13 hours away
Japan is a mere 13 hours away

Texans Cheerleaders: On The Road To Japan And Blogging About It

The Texans cheerleaders are headed to Japan on an Armed Forces Entertainment tour, because our brave service members want to hear what Matt Schaub is really like. Or maybe they want to look at cheerleaders.

Texans cheerleader Lindsay (as always, first names only to deter stalker creeps) will be blogging about the trip for us.

Be warned: Here be exclamation points. In abundance.

Hi Texans fans, The day has finally come!!

After weeks of show preparation and days of packing we are ready to embark on the journey of our lives!

It's strange heading back to Japan so soon after previously going in February. Where the previous trip was very short this trip will be much longer. It will be nice to have more time to visit with our military and get to know everyone a little better. I felt so rushed during the last trip. In addition we will get the opportunity to see a little more of the rich Japanese culture!

Mmm. I can taste the sushi now......

Our flight will be about 13 hours today. We will land in Tokyo Narita and then catch a flight to Okinawa. Jessica calculated a total of the flight hours for our entire trip (we will be traveling to Singapore and Diego Garcia as well). The verdict?


Needless to say, I think we will be a little bit tired!!! Fatigue is worth enduring for this journey.

We are about to check in here at Bush Intercontinental Airport. I will write again soon!!! Keep up with me here on HoustonPress.com and join us on this amazing adventure!!

Go Texans!

Ariana, Lindsay and Jessica are ready for the troops
Ariana, Lindsay and Jessica are ready for the troops

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