Texans' Chester Pitts Vs. Idiotic Network Programmers

Chester Pitts, the offensive lineman for the Texans, took his shot at an obstacle course for a (really stupid-looking) network show called



Pitts gets the crap beaten out of him, from the looks of this. (It's from the Ellen DeGeneres show, for some reason we don't really want to bother to know.)

Stephanie Stradley, ace Texans blogger for the NFL Fanhouse and the Chron, asks a good question:

How is this not a violation of their player contracts? Maybe because it isn't specifically listed? "In the offseason, the party of the first part must not engage in any and all activities that will result in being punched in the face, racked by bouncing giant donuts, or getting brained slipping off of big red rubber balls."

Maybe just a blanket cause about "Players must ignore desperate TV networks" would do the trick.

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