Texans-Cowboys Isn't Until Sunday, Spend Your Saturday Morning Cleaning The Beaches

Tomorrow morning, rain or shine, thousands of Texans across the 367 miles of state coastline will take to the sand, gloves on and plastic bags in hand. Call it a goodbye and thank you to summer, and hello fall.

Groups will be gathering at 28 sites at 9 a.m. for the annual Adopt-A-Beach Fall Cleanup, organized by the Texas General Land Office. The annual gathering to clean up the trash left by beach-goers or the debris that washes up from the Gulf, has been ongoing since 1986.

"It's a great excuse to go to the beach for the day," said Jim Suydam, the "spokesweasel" or press secretary for TGLO. "If you've got kids, it's a good way to teach them not to litter and educate them about its impact."

If you've been out to the beaches at all this summer, you know that any efforts to clean up are necessary and should be appreciated. 
In the 24 years of clean-ups, TGLO estimates that 397,000 volunteers have come out and picked up 7,700 tons of trash. Last year, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,200 people turned out for the event. Suydam is anticipating closer to 10,000 this year, as long as the weather is pleasant.

There are nine Houston-area sites, which are listed at the bottom of this post, with corresponding contact information. The event website, texasadoptabeach.org, says volunteers need to register for the event, but our guess is that if you show up, organizers are not going to deny a helping hand. Registration is from 8:30 - 9 a.m.

The Texas Upper Coast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will be sponsoring one site, which will be meeting in Surfside Beach, at Stahlman Park. Ellis Pickett, the chapter president, says they will be serving hot dogs and have events at the park following the cleanup. You may even be able to talk Pickett into surf lessons while you're down there.

If you have nothing better to do tomorrow morning, some sun (if the rain stays away) and some philanthropy is always a good thing. We hope to see you out there.

Houston-Area Sites

Horsepen Bayou - Harris County
Check-in: Clear Lake High School, 2929 Bay Area Blvd.
Contact: Andrew Schaafs, 832-818-1381; andrew.schaafs@texasadoptabeach.org

Bolivar Peninsula - Galveston
Check-in: Crenshaw Elementary, 416 Hwy 87,  about 7 miles from the ferry landing
Contact: Denise Parsons, 409-795-1046; denise.parsons@texasadoptabeach.org
Janis Bridgers, janis.bridgers@texasadoptabeach.org 
Mary Munro, mary.munro@texasadoptabeach.org

Seabrook - Harris County
Check-in: Hwy. 146 north side of Clear Creek under bridge on Seabrook city side
Contact: Rex Ward, 281-910-8774; rex.ward@texasadoptabeach.org

John M. O'Quinn I-45 Estuarial Corridor & Virginia Point Peninsula Preserve - Galveston County
Check-in: Exit 6 off I-45 at Reitan Point
Contact: Evangeline Whorton, 979-234-2096; 409-744-7431; 409-789-4996 (cell); evangeline.whorton@texasadoptabeach.org

Galveston Island - Galveston County
Check-in: Menard Park, 27th & Seawall Blvd.
Contact: Gary Schero, 409-762-3363; gary.schero@texasadoptabeach.org

Surfside - Brazoria County
Check-in: Stahlman Park, C.R. 257 (Bluewater Hwy.)
Contact: James Glover, 979-864-1541;  james.glover@texasadoptabeach.org

Quintana, Bryan Beach - Brazoria County
Check-in: Quintana Beach County Park, 5th St.
Contact: James Glover, 979-864-1541, ext 3, james.glover@texasadoptabeach.org
Patty Brinkmeyer, 979-233-1461, patty.brinkmeyer@texasadoptabeach.org

Sargent Beach, Bay City - Matagorda County
Check-in: Sargent Beach entrance
Contact: Lamar Brown, 979-244-6144; lamar.brown@texasadoptabeach.org

Matagorda Beach - Matagorda County
Check-in: Matagorda Jetty Park
Contact:  Peggy Stanley, 979-863-2920; 979-216-6016 (cell) peggy.stanley@texasadoptabeach.org

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