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Texans Getting Dumber: More Are Playing the Lottery

In these tough economic times, there's no greater financial plan than putting your money into a game where the odds of winning are relatively microscopic.


Apparently that's what a lot of Texans think: This year, for the first time in ten years, there has been an increase in people playing the Texas Lottery, which is otherwise known as the tax on the mathematically challenged.

"The takeaway from this year's survey is that participation is up quite a bit, but average monthly spending per person is down," said Jim Granato of the University of Houston's Hobby Center for Public Policy, which conducted the legally mandated annual survey.

The study found that participation was up in 2011 by about 7 percent over 2010, and about 40 percent of Texans had purchased lottery tickets at some point during the year.

We assume the rest just took a match to their cash and mostly got the same results.

Those who played spent an average of $31.08 a month, down from $38.92 a month in 2010.

Participation rates were highest in the El Paso lottery district, followed by San Antonio and Lubbock. Participation rates were lowest in the Fort Worth lottery district.

Fort Worth: Home of common sense.


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