Texans' Kareem Jackson, Cockfighting Correspondent

The Houston Texans' Kareem Jackson struggled through his rookie season, having trouble covering receivers.

One thing he can cover: Cockfighting.

Jackson made his debut as a sideline reporter via Twitter, as reported by CBSHouston, which is the web outlet for KILT-AM.

Besides the picture shown here, he offered the following analysis of a cockfight he attended while on vacation in the Dominican Republic:

-- Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights, you would think its a college football game.

-- My first time ever seeing chicken fight till the death it was crazy...

Yeah, it's always crazy until the death.

Jackson's Twitter account offers more incisive insights into life in the Dominican:

-- I dont understand nothing these Dominican people are saying to me.. Damn I should have took Spanish class serious..

-- Will somebody please tell me where the rest of the tourist are in Punta Cana...

-- I just seen this lady wit her bust out..I couldn't stop drooling..

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