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Better have game tickets, dudes

Texans Keep Out The Riff-Raff With New Tailgating Policy

Remember that

great tailgating scene

outside of the Texans-Cowboys game?

Remember it well, because it won't happen again.

The Texans have announced a new policy after approximately 20,000 (they say) non-ticketed tailgaters took to the Reliant Stadium lots in order to bask in the pre-game atmosphere.

Such rarefied air will be limited to season-ticket holders in the future, the Texans say. But in a huge move of generosity, they have decreed that anyone accompanying a season-ticket holder can pay ten bucks for the privilege of tailgating.

On the one hand, that's still better than the absolutely-no-tailgating policy of the Astrodome.

On the other hand, it sucks.

The Texans told the Houston Chronicle the changes were necessary to preserve "what has been recognized as the best tailgating atmosphere in the NFL," and we can only think of a dozen or so teams who would object strenuously to that description.

Here's some highlights of the new policy:

New Policy: The Houston Texans announced a new revision to their gameday ticket policy. Effective immediately the Houston Texans will require all fans who wish to enter Reliant Stadium or its parking lots to possess a gameday ticket.

Who's affected: Non-ticketed guests, season ticket holders that bring guests to tailgate, season ticket holders that sell or give away their tickets and still plan to come to the game to tailgate.

Why the New Policy: Non-ticketed fans who arrive on property use facility resources otherwise designated for ticket holders, create additional unneeded traffic congestion, setup tailgates in parking spaces without parking passes, and require the services of EMT, Police, and Parking Staff that should be focused on improving the gameday experience of our fans who do have game tickets.

Damn those tailgaters using up all the EMT services!!!!

Of course, if the Texans continue to suck as much as they did against the Cowboys, this alleged problem will pretty much solve itself.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.