Get on the bandwagon NOW.
Get on the bandwagon NOW.

Texans' Last-Second, Playoff-Clinching Win: Yes, It's a Miracle Season

You're an underdog down by six on the road with 2:33 on the clock. You've got 80 yards to go, and you're depending on a rookie quarterback making his second start.

Plus, you're the Texans, the team that has given Houston years and years of mediocrity and who, just last year, specialized in late-game flame-outs.

So this game was over, right? Wrong.

Whatever mojo the Texans have working this year, it came to full power Sunday with their dramatic last-second win over the Bengals. T.J. Yates calmly took the team the length of the field, and hit Kevin Walter with a six-yard pass with just two seconds left.

So, yeah: Miracle Season. The doubters who thought things were all over when Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson went out will be allowed back on the bandwagon.

We'll be back with a full update from our Texans guy, but for now just revel in a great win that punched a ticket to the playoffs.


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