Texans Looking to Trade Sage Rosenfels to Minnesota

Sage Rosenfels had that awful end in the game against the Indianapolis Colts. And Rosenfels wanted to be traded before last season.

None of that should matter. Not when Matt Schaub, the Texans so-called number one quarterback, makes Tracy McGrady look like the Cal Ripken of the NBA. When the number one QB can get injured by a fly landing on his shoulder, the trading of a qualified number two quarterback for a fourth round draft choice just isn't something that should be done.

But apparently, the Texans and the Vikings are actually going to make this trade this year - they tried last year, but they couldn't pull it off. And while the Vikings might actually be getting a legit quarterback for the first time in years, the Texans are left with Matt Schaub.

Yeah, not exactly inspiring.

I suppose I should do some research and see what veteran backups are available. I know that Jeff Garcia is available. As is Kerry Collins. And those guys actually have a legit resume as QBs who know how to come off of the bench and win football games. But this is Gary Kubiak we're talking about, so the new backup QB will probably be some Denver Broncos reject. Hell, knowing Kubiak, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Texans trade their upcoming number one draft choice to the Broncos for one of Jay Cutler's clipboard carrying flunkies.

But whoever the Texans bring in, I just hope he's healthy and ready to play, because he will be Matt Schaub's backup, and Matt Schaub's backup always ends up playing lots of football.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.