If it's good enough for Springfield....
If it's good enough for Springfield....

Texans Love Gay Marriage/Civil Unions, Kinda

Texas, you are filled with homo-loving, or at least homo-live-and-let-live, people. You're supposed to hate the idea of gays period, much less giving them any sort of rights like straights have earned through their Leviticus-quoting ways.

But a new poll by UT and the Texas Tribune shows that 61 percent of Texans favor either civil unions for gays and lesbians or even -- DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU EASILY GET THE VAPORS -- gay marriage.

We expect to be smited any moment now.

The UT/TT poll shows 30 percent of Texans think gays should have the right to marry and 31 percent think they should be allowed civil unions but not marriage.

Taken separately that doesn't sound too impressive, but then again only 33 percent of respondents say gays and lesbians should not be allowed either of those two options.

The poll was "an internet survey of 800 registered voters. It was conducted May 11 to 18 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.46 percent," so make of it what you will.

But we don't think that percentage favoring marriage and/or civil unions is going to start dropping in the future.

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