Texans' Moats Goes National, Accepts Apology

Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats went nationwide today, appearing on ABC's Good Morning America and accepting the apology of the Dallas police officer who harassed him as he tried to spend a few last moments with his dying mother-in-law.

Moats, who grew up in Dallas, was calm and professional -- as was his wife -- as they sat for the nine-minute piece.

The police officer, Robert Powell, has issued a written apology, saying "with great remorse and humility I accept my responsibility for adding to their grief in an already difficult time."

Moats' wife Tamisha said that -- although he'd prefer hearing from Powell in person -- he accepted the officer's apology.

"It would be comforting if we heard an apology directly from him," she said. "But we definitely would accept his apology because, you know, he's a human being."

Moats said he didn't realize at first how serious the situation was. (And he clearly disputed Powell's claim that a gun was never pointed at his wife.)

"When I got out, I thought, if I explain it to him, maybe he will understand," Ryan Moats said. "I was thinking maybe he could walk up with me and let me say my good byes. I didn't have a problem with paying the ticket."

As we pointed out last week, they jsut do things differently in Dallas.

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