Texans Official Browser Background Image: Whatever You Do, DON'T THROW THE BALL!

In what is no doubt an ironic twist the day after one of the worst losses in franchise history, the Texans browser theme had a photo of quarterback Matt Schaub handing the ball off to Arian Foster.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be considered anything other than a cool shot of the Texans in action. Given the less-than-stellar play from Schaub in the last few games and his benching in the fourth quarter, there are at least a handful of messages the Texans might be sending with this image.


Um, until he isn't. I'm sure this will fuel the conspiracy theorists who would then believe nothing could lose Schaub his starting job, but it's just a harmless photo...or is it? Cue ominous string section music.

Arian Foster is really great, isn't he? I mean, he's awesome. Look at him run. LOOK AT HIM!

With Foster finally putting together back-to-back games with very solid numbers, he once again becomes the Texans' best threat on offense...and a great distraction from No. 8. But if he fumbles or has a bad game, could the browser suddenly become JJ Watt and Antonio Smith doing unison sack celebrations? For the LOVE OF GOD, don't throw the ball, Matt!

This is the most obvious one. Give the damn ball to Arian already and keep giving it to him because 1) isn't he the awesomist? and 2) Schaub throws almost as many touchdowns to the other team as he does to the Texans.

We are (competent) Texans

Handing the ball off to your best offensive weapon shows intelligence. Given that virtually everyone believed the Texans would contend for a title this year and there's a fairly good chance they won't even make the playoffs, Coach Gary Kubiak and his staff need to show every sign they aren't brain-dead.

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