Texans-Raiders: Don't Bet on Black

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Lots of you don't like what I write about the Texans. You think I'm too negative. That I don't give the team proper credit. Hell, some of you have actually written that you want me to die. To which I respond, if you want homers who are always positive, go over to the Chron. I try to take a more objective view here.

And in my objective view, the Texans just haven't shown me much this season. I would think more of the win over the Titans if various Titans weren't talking about how they took a vacation for that game and if Jeff Fisher didn't pull a Gary Kubiak. I also don't think much of teams who continuously play good solid football when it doesn't count. And let's face it, for most of the time under Gary Kubiak, the Texans have played their best football when it didn't matter. After they have been eliminated from the playoffs.

I definitely don't think the wins over the Packers and Titans have been the most important wins in team history. As I said, I don't think much of wins that come when it no longer counts. But if the Texans beat the Oakland Raiders, then I might be willing to talk about important wins.

It would be an important win because games like the one with the Raiders are games the Texans usually find ways to lose. The Texans clearly outclass the Raiders in just about every category in which there is a category, so the game shouldn't be close.

Which, I guess, is why I'm worried.

The Texans are the 11th ranked rushing team in the NFL, while the Raiders offer up the 31st ranked rush defense in the NFL. So once again, Gary Kubiak should just take off his damn headsets and order Matt "Don't Touch Me Or I'll Fall Apart" Schaub to hand the ball off to Steve Slaton. Then again, the Raiders defense is bad, so the only real chance of a Schaub injury is if he tries to make a tackle after throwing an interception.

And there's my real problem with the Texans. Outside of Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson, I don't trust the offense. I don't care how good the offense is at generating yards (their 381 yards per game average is third best in the NFL) because if not for Kris Brown's foot the team wouldn't be able to score inside the red zone, and often, because of 30 turnovers, the offense doesn't even give Kris Brown a chance.

The Texans are playing the Raiders, so none of this should be a problem. The Raider offense is 31st in the NFL in yards per game, 32nd in terms of passing yards, and 30th in terms of points per game. The Raider defense allows nearly 25 points per game and gives up over 362 yards per game.

The Texans should easily win this game and move their record to 8-7. Then again, Gary Kubiak is the coach, and Matt Schaub is the QB, so this is probably easier said than done. But luckily for the Texans, they're not playing a real team this week. They're playing the Oakland Raiders.

So the Texans win this game, and they win this game easily.

I hope.

-- John Royal

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