Texans RB Arian Foster Randomly Decides To Buy College Books For A Twitter Follower

Training camp will be here soon enough, and you can probably set your watch to it — at some point during camp, Arian Foster will say or do something that will get the media's collective panties into a wad. 

We all remember last season, when Foster took new head coach Bill O'Brien's mantra of "team," "being a good teammate," and saying nothing of substance to the media to the extreme, right? A strategy that is meant to get absolutely no media run and create zero buzz, naturally (because it's Arian Foster), led to Foster's session being the lead story on SportsCenter and practically had some of my fellow talk show hosts ready to put an El Chapo-to-Trump sized bounty on Foster's head.

Let's relive the magic...

Believe it or not, that was a big deal when it happened. Hell, Keith Olbermann handed Foster his "Worst Person In Sports" award for that day (or week or whatever period of time Olbermann designates for that "award" … sorry, I'm not an Olbermann watcher). 

Well, in the spirit of equal time, if Foster spurning the media last training camp was enough to make it the lead topic du jour — and amazingly, it lit up the phone lines on our radio show for three straight hours — then we should point out when Arian Foster randomly decides to do benevolent things, too, shouldn't we? Of course, we should.

So it was that over the weekend, one of Foster's 500,000 Twitter followers, a young man by the name of Ernesto Guerrero, managed to have his college books paid for by one Arian Foster, merely by asking the Texans running back if he could help him out. Here was their exchange:

From here, the two handled their business offline through a series of direct messages and emails. Allie Davidson of The Sporting News caught up with Guerrero and got his reaction to the generosity shown to him by the Texans' Pro Bowl running back:

"To be honest, it was sort of a humor tweet. I never thought he would see it considering how busy he might be," Guerrero told Sporting News. "I assumed most athletes and celebrities don't pay attention to their mentions."

Just hours later, Guerrero received a notification on his phone: The NFL player had responded to his Tweet, and he had agreed to help pay for his books next semester.

It took a moment for Guerrero to realize what had happened.

"When I saw that Arian replied to me, I was stunned," Guerrero said. "It was hard to believe. After I snapped out of it, I took a screenshot of the tweet and sent it to a group of friends of mine from college. They couldn't believe it either."

Guerrero is a psychology major with a minor in criminal justice. Foster begins training camp on July 31. 

Texans Reportedly Interested In WR Wayne

Just a few months after releasing wide receiver Andre Johnson and watching him sign with the division rival Indianapolis Colts, the Texans could be in line to launch a proportional response. Free agent wide receiver Reggie Wayne mentioned in an interview this past week that he would like to play one more season before hanging up the cleats.

A return to Indianapolis is not in the cards for Wayne, in part because of the Colts' signing of Johnson and their drafting of first round wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. (And yes, it's weird that all of these guys involved in this weird love triangle are former Miami Hurricanes.) There are just too many bodies at wide receiver in Indy.

However, according to Dave Furst of WRTV-6 in Indianapolis, there are several teams interested in Wayne, including the Houston Texans: 

Like the Colts, the Texans also have a glut of bodies at the wide receiver position, but few as capable as a fully healthy Reggie Wayne, even at age 36. Health has been the issue for Wayne the last two seasons, which saw him miss the final half of 2013 with a torn ACL, and then suffer a torn triceps that dogged him throughout 2014. 

Wayne has somewhat quietly put himself in the pantheon of statistically great wide receivers over his 14 year career, with 1,070 catches for 14,345 yards and 82 touchdowns. In 2014, Wayne started 15 games and had 64 receptions for 779 yards and two touchdowns. 

If we are handicapping the Texans chances, I can't imagine that they have a great shot here. Simply put, if Reggie Wayne is healthy, then he's probably good enough to make the roster in all of the places he's reportedly looking at right now. So if you're Reggie Wayne, do you chase one final Super Bowl ring with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, or BRIAN HOYER? Well, I don't know which one you pick, but I know which one you DON'T pick.

It's too bad, because it would be nice for the Texans to at least fire a salvo back at this...

Surprise B Day dinner

A photo posted by Andre Johnson (@ajohnson1500) on

Reggie Wayne turns 37 on November 17. 

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