Texans Safety Justin Reid on Antonio Brown: "I Can't Wait To Smash This Dude"

Justin Reid has begun the tone setting for the 2019 season.
Justin Reid has begun the tone setting for the 2019 season. Photo by Eric Sauseda
Perhaps you're somebody whose only following of the NFL in the offseason surrounds the NFL Draft, or perhaps you take a few months off from football altogether once the season is over. (If you're able to do that, good for you!) If that's the case, then maybe you're not totally up to speed on the latest with former Steeler, now Raider, always a nut job, wide receiver Antonio Brown.

What's that you say? You thought we'd heard the last of Brown once he was traded to the Raiders for a third and fifth round pick and was rewarded for his ass clownery during his latter days as a Steeler with a brand new three year deal from the Raiders? Well, not so fast, my friend! Just because Brown has been traded, paid, and had a significant chunk of the United States placed in between himself and Ben Roethlisberger doesn't mean that he can resist when the opportunity arises to show he's still that same triggered guy.

It started with a Steeler fan sending Brown a picture of his former teammate Juju Smith-Schuster, a picture that doubled as a reminder that Smith-Schuster was named team MVP in 2018, an accolade that was reportedly a big reason Brown's final days as a Steeler were so contentious. Brown retweeted it as follows:
So he took a shot at Smith-Schuster, unprovoked by Smith-Schuster, and Smith-Schuster fired back with, amidst several subtweets, some wisdom from Mark Twain:

Good advice!

So we have a solid, albeit SUPER passive-aggressive, social media battle between two former teammates, and confirmation that Antonio Brown hasn't really changed one bit. (Did we really expect a different AB?) But here is where this story gets its local flavor. I'm not sure if Smith-Schuster needed any Twitter backup, but in swooped Texans safety Justin Reid on Monday to give it to him:

"I can't wait to SMASH THAT DUDE!"

JUSTIN REID, FOLKS! I love this! Look, Reid was just a rookie last season, but a damn good one, one of the best on the defensive side of the ball in the entire NFL. I think it's safe to say that he is viewed, and SHOULD BE viewed, as one of the Texans' 10 to 12 foundational roster pieces for the next several years.

So with this team needing some swagger in the secondary, especially with the departure of Tyrann Mathieu and Kareem Jackson, here comes Reid tweeting how he's ready to pulverize one of the best wide receivers and loudest mouths in the league in Antonio Brown. The Texans DO play the Raiders this coming season. All of a sudden, that game has some amped up juice.

Justin Reid, you are the man, Some heroes don't wear capes.

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