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Texans-Titans: Houston Looking a Little Better, But Not Good Enough

I don’t really know what to write about the Texans' 31-12 loss to the Houston Oilers Tennessee Titans. Sure, they played better than they did in Pittsburgh, but is that really saying much? And Steve Slaton had an impressive day at running back – hopefully indicating the end to the Ahman Green experiment. And the Texans were so desperate on defense that they moved Mario Williams to linebacker at one point, and at another point, had him dropping back into pass coverage.

Oh, and Gary Kubiak lost another replay challenge. He’s now 0 for 3 on replay challenges this season, and 4 for 16 for his career.

And Kubiak went for it on fourth down six times, four times while in the red zone, and he was only successful twice. Those two weren’t in the red zone; so each time the Texans went for it on fourth down in the red zone, they came out without getting either the first down or any points.

Did I mention that the Texans lost 31-12? So do you think maybe a few field goals might have helped to keep the Texans in the game?

Matt Schaub continued to make Houstonians long for the return of David Carr as he was only 17 for 37 – he didn’t make a completion until his eighth pass – for 188 yards and three interceptions. Of course, those numbers might not have looked so bad if Andre Johnson hadn't dropped a couple of passes in the end zone.

The Texans defense actually played better as the game went on. The defense allowed 21 first half points, but allowed only three points in the second half – the other seven points were the result of a Schaub interception being returned 99 yards for a touchdown with under two minutes in the game. But the offense, with the exception of Steve Slaton and Owen Daniels, sucked yet again.

So the Texans start off this season 0-2, and they haven’t really been competitive in either of their games. Next up will be a trip to Jacksonville for a game against the Jaguars, and after that, the Texans will be hosting the Indianapolis Colts. If the Texans play like crap and lose to the Jaguars next week, is it really going to matter what stadium the Texans play in? I mean, would they even be able to sell out a high school football stadium? SOME MISCELLANEOUS GAME NOTES: How do you know the Texans are a bad team? Simple. When the Chron’s John McClain gives up on the Texans, the Texans are bad. And McClain didn’t have very many nice things to say about the Texans today. He didn’t even go for the excuse that the Chron’s baseball writers are using: that it’s all Ike’s fault – actually, I need to qualify it that as some of the Chron writers feel that the Astros problems are the result of Bud Selig.

*************** I should have taken it as an omen when KHOU decided to show the start of the Cincinnati Bengals/New York Giants. Unfortunately, KHOU got its act together and within a few plays had switched things over to the Texans. But I think that for all of us Ike-sufferers it might have been better if KHOU had instead stayed with the Bengals/Giants game. That was an exciting game that was much better played and went into overtime before the Giants were able to secure the win.

**************** I think my favorite offensive series of the game for the Texans was when the one that allowed them to take the early 3-0 lead. They got the ball at the Titans’ 15 yard line after Jacques Reeves actually made a positive play – intercepting Kerry Collins. The Texans then proceeded to run four plays which resulted in a loss of 12 yards.

Another fun Texans offensive series came later in the first quarter after Steve Slaton got off a great run that got the Texans down to the Titans' 11 yard line. The Texans got the ball to the nine yard line in two plays, but got a first down at the Titans four after a defensive holding penalty. Schaub then fumbled the snap on first down. The second down play was an incomplete pass to Andre Johnson. The third down play was an incomplete pass to Owen Daniels. The drive was saved, once again, by the foot of Kris Brown.

**************** So, all of you out there who thought the Texans' problems were the fault of David Carr? Do you still think getting rid of him was the answer? I was never the world’s biggest Carr fan, but don’t you kind of wish we were back to the days of bitching about David Carr taking too many sacks instead of the days about Matt Schaub being too careless about his passes? And I also think this: David Carr never looked scared. To me, Matt Schaub looks scared.

But I’m not going to end this on a bad note. I want to accentuate the positive. Steve Slaton looked fantastic. Here’s hoping that Gary Kubiak stays with Slaton and forgets about Ahman Green.

And as always, if you want to bitch about anything, or say anything positive, then just leave a comment.

-- John Royal

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