Texas 1, Evil 0

For at least one brief, shining moment, the world has stopped going to hell in a handbasket.

Against all the forces of dark and evil, against Satan, Pazuzu, Belial and the ACLU, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has stood up and declared that the moment of silence in Texas schools is constitutional.

Take that, Father of Lies!!

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was quick to take credit for banishing the Son of Perdition.  "Today's Fifth Circuit decision once again affirmed the moment of silence law's constitutionality," he announced. "In an age where children are bombarded with distractions, beginning each school day with a moment of silence offers a welcome moment of quiet contemplation."

Wait, we're fighting iPods and not Beelzebub?

Of course, the moment of silence has nothing to do with prayer. Especially the kind of prayer that excludes non-Christians.

Instead it is an inspiring moment in the beginning of each day, when middle-school boys contemplate not the ass of the girl in front of them but the everlasting peace that comes through devoting your life to Our Savior.

The Fifth Circuit ruled that the 2003 Texas law allowed students to pray or meditate or even think about patriotism, since they had just finished being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance to American and Texas.

Since the moment of silence didn't mandate prayer, it was A-OK by the judges.

Somewhere, The Wicked One weeps.

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