Texas AG Greg Abbott Says If You Go To Chatroulette.com, Expect Sex

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued a

"warning to parents"

today about


, the latest Internet buzzy thing.

People go to chatroulette if they have a webcam and get hooked up with a random person with a webcam. If you don't like what you get, you hit "next" and move on.

Abbott's office went to the site. "Nearly half of the randomly selected users encountered by Cyber Crimes investigators immediately exposed themselves and conducted sexually explicit acts on camera," the release stated.

Yowza!! "Nearly half"? We've asked the AG's office for details on the investigation, such as sample size and how many days it went on, but that sounds a bit off.

Nearly half immediately a) exposed themselves, and then b) conducted sexually explicit acts? Remind us never to go to chatroulette, since we're assuming 99.8 percent of these people are ugly males.

Abbott's office says parents should take steps to prevent their kids from being exposed in more ways than one to the wonders of chatroulette:

• Place the computer in a public room at home so that parents can monitor their children's Internet use. Do not allow computers in a child's bedroom or permit the use of Web cameras.
• Make sure children know never to agree to a face-to-face meeting with someone they meet online and never to divulge personal information to an Internet stranger.
• Stay informed. Surf the Internet with children or at least talk to them about the Web sites they are visiting.
• Establish ground rules for children's Internet usage, including the hours they may surf and the kinds of Web sites they may visit. Post the rules near the computer.

And for God's sake, if you see some plump middle-aged guy reaching for his pants, hit "next" as quickly as you can.

Update: A spokeswoman for the AG's office says no details on the investigation will be forthcoming. "We don't comment on investigations, or the logistics of them," she said.

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