Texas, we can do better

Texas & Concealed Handguns: Lone Star State Becoming Wimpy

The New York Times has published

an utterly embarrassing look at how Texas has completely allowed other states to take the lead when it comes to concealed-handgun idiocy.

Hear this, Texas: Tennessee allows people to take their Glocks into bars. We here in the Lone Star state only allow it if a liquor-selling place makes more than half its revenue from food.

What good is that?

The Times says several states have expanded their gun laws to allow toting inside bars. Technically, you're not supposed to drink while carrying, but that can be hard to enforce while your gun is concealed.

And the rule is absolutely necessary, according to one technology consultant interviewed in Nashville by the Times.

"If someone's sticking a gun in my face, I'm not relying on their charity to keep me alive," the consultant said.

The Times does mention how Rick Perry is pushing for students to be allowed to carry guns on campus in the wake of the recent Austin incident, but that is clearly not enough.

Let's examine how Texas' nanny state is handcuffing law-abiding handgun owners.

1. Handguns cannot be carried at racetracks.
First off, how many Texans go to racetracks? Not many, if the reeling industry can be believed. And what's the state so afraid of -- losing bettors are going to shoot horses?

2. You can't bring a gun within 1,000 feet of where a legal execution is taking place.
Let's leave the cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder to the state, please.

3. You can't tale a concealed handgun into a hospital or nursing home.
We guess those slow-moving or even inert targets are not considered sporting

4. You can't bring a handgun to a high school football game.
Thus depriving Friday Night Lights of several gripping plots.

5. How many beers can I have while carrying a concealed handgun?
The state offers some guidance, the bottom line of which is definitely now "Are you kidding? Drinking while carrying a concealed handgun?"

It is unlawful for an individual who is intoxicated to carry a handgun. It is important to note that the Penal Code defines "intoxicated" as not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of two or more of those substances, or any other substance in the body.

So drink up, as long as you have your "normal" use of your faculties. It's not as bold as Tennessee, but until we get some bold, macho leadership on guns in this state, it's the most we can settle for.

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